What is a Personal Chef?

What is a Personal Chef? How Does the Service Work?

Do you want to eat more meals around the dinner table with your family? Are you time-challenged and resort to ordering in, or eating out often? Do you have special diet needs, or just wish you could eat healthy balanced meals?

Thousands of families across Canada use Personal Chef services to help them eat healthy, regular meals at their own dinner tables, while saving time and money. Over the past 15 years, this growing industry has provided an attractive alternative to Canada’s fast-food lifestyle, at a cost of the average convenience food order or family restaurant.

Spend your Time & Effort on other things – No More “What’s for Dinner?”

Once you decide to work with a Personal Chef, you can forget about menu planning, grocery shopping for your dinners, and time spent cooking them. Your Personal Chef will take care of all the details and you won’t even have to think about what’s for dinner beyond approving your customized menus.

Customized Menus – What you want, how you want it!

Your Personal Chef’s goal is to make every meal the very best you have ever tasted. In order to accomplish this, she will work with you to determine your preferences and dietary needs. Your Personal Chef can prepare most any style of food or cuisine to your specifications as well as any favourite recipes you may have.

When you hire a Personal Chef, he will come to your home and conduct an interview and complete a detailed questionnaire. The results of the interview and the questionnaire are used to develop your personalized and customized menus. Each menu is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day.

Meal Preparation in Your Home – Dinner is ready when you are!

Your Personal Chef will arrive at your home, on your scheduled cookday, with all of the groceries and utensils needed to complete your meals. He will prepare, cook and package your food right in your home, then either refrigerate or freeze your meals and leave you with complete thawing and heating instructions. This will ensure your meals will taste like they were just made!

Your kitchen is left clean and your home smelling wonderful. You simply heat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food.

Flexible & Convenient Service – We make your life easier!

Your Personal Chef’s job is to make your life easier and your meal times pleasant, so the service works the way you need it to. Most clients enjoy their prepared dinners each weekday, freeing them up to enjoy cooking for themselves on weekends. Others prefer to have meals on hand for just a few days a week, or need more meals than just dinners.

Your Personal Chef has been trained to accommodate a variety of customer needs.

Your Personal Chef will work with your schedule and communication style so that if you prefer to be phoned at a specific time, you’ll hear from her when it’s convenient for you! If email is the way you prefer to stay on top of things,no problem!

Cost Effective – Saving you valuable time and money!

What is your time worth on an hourly basis? How much time do you spend shopping, cooking and cleaning? How much do you spend on groceries that you throw out of the bottom of the fridge each week? How much do you spend on eating out or ordering in your weekday meals? What would you rather be doing than standing in line at the grocery store?

Personal Chef clients who have done a cost analysis of hiring one of our members have told us they’re shocked to find out how much money they save. That’s before they tell us about how much time they’ve recovered by making a Personal Chef part of their lifestyle!

Great for Special Occasions

Personal Chefs can offer many types of special services. Interactive dinner parties, gift certificates, cooking for new moms or medical-recovery patients, special occasions and parties are just some of the many services we offer.